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*tap tap tap*

Is this thing on?

Moron Alert!

I am so tired of this crap. When did this become socially acceptable?
I don't know what I am politically, but I can no longer support the republican party.


I'll ask this again

How can you call yourself a Christian and then gleefully spread lies in order to make political points?

Disgusted and ANGRY

The supreme court is going to strike down a law that bans animal cruelty films. Films like the ones that depict women killing small animals. I am disgusted and angry beyond total belief. Where the hell does free speech mean the right to be cruel to animals. This is total bullshit.
Stopped my car in the middle of the road this morning to rescue a pitt mix mama and her four adorable, fat little puppies from the MIDDLE of the road. Some trailer trash morons let her breed and then didn't bother to confine them in a pen or in the house. They had wandered down the hill to the road and were destined to be hit. I hope they stay at the top of the hill now but I'd bet sooner or later they'll be back to the road. Ass wipe morons. Get the dog fixed if you aren't willing to be responsible.

The hysteria of staying in school

ABC evening news had an interesting video clip this evening....

Much of the rage over Obama's address to our students centers around a portion of a lesson plan. In it it's suggested that teachers have students write a letter explaining how they can help the president.

OMFG! IT'S INDOCTRINATION!!!!! What if they don't WANT to help the president!?!?!!?!

Now remember, gentle readers, the address is about staying in school...

So along comes ABC tonight with this wonderful video of George Bush 1 in HIS address to students. (Following in the footsteps of Reagan) George looks at his host students and then the camera and asks them to write him letters telling him how they can "help me achieve OUR goals."

give that time to sink in

and then consider the hypocrisy

Then take this to the logical conclusion that the issue is the black man talking to their children.

Forgive me, Lord, if I'm wrong but it certainly seems that's the case.

PLEASE do this!!!!

Go HERE: http://www.philadelphiaeagles.com/index.html
Scroll down to the poll and tell the Eagles you don't like their choices. Then paste this on your own blog and encourage others to do the same.
The MOST votes are in the dislike category.

In case you haven't heard, the Philadephia Eagles picked up Mike Vicks
Watching the last season of West Wing and now remember how horrible it was. At the time it was like a breath of fresh air because seasons five and six had been such a dismal failure, but watching it NOW it's obvious how clueless Wells is. Fast dialogue, busy dialogue does not take the place of substance. Forced relationships between characters doesn't indicate intimacy.

As hard as Sorkin might have been to work with, dismissing him ended this show's light.